Thursday, March 20, 2014

Releasing on April 8th: Return of the Ascendant by Raine Thomas

Happy first day of spring, everyone! Well, I suppose that means more to some of us than others, with winter still lingering like an unwanted house guest in many places. It's been a busy year for me so far, and it isn't showing any signs of easing up with the new season. I wouldn't have it any other way!

The release of the Curses, Fates & Soul Mates Box Set on February 17th went remarkably well. The feedback has been incredible! It was such a pleasure working with Kristie Cook, Lynn Rush, R.K. Ryals, and Rachael Wade on this project. If you haven't checked out the set and the work of these amazing writers, I hope you do so soon!

My next project is releasing Return of the Ascendant (The Ascendant Series #1) on its own on April 8th. Since many of my readers already picked up "ROTA" in the box set, I've written a couple of new bonus chapters that will only be available in the version releasing on April 8th. I'm really looking forward to sharing ROTA with the world!

If you'd like to be a part of the ROTA launch, please reach out to me at Raine(at)RaineThomas(dot)com. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt from the book!

Excerpt from Return of the Ascendant by Raine Thomas

The stranger looked down at her. “What you felt back there in the shadows was no figment of your imagination. There is real danger threatening you. We must leave now.”

Avana’s eyes widened, all traces of humor gone. “Danger? My jaw care?”

Well, that’s what it sounded like to Kyra. The inflection on the last three words was weird, though. She wondered if her friend was having a stroke. Or maybe Kyra was having one. Anything was possible.

“You didn’t foresee this?” Sam asked Avana.

She shook her head, looking troubled.

“Foresee what?” Kyra asked, tossing her hands into the air.

“What danger are you talking about?” Sam asked the stranger, stepping closer to him and Kyra. “Is it—?”

“Yes,” the man said.

Sam exchanged another look with Avana, who now looked downright scared.

“Okay, what the hell is going on here?” Kyra asked, crossing her arms over her chest. “I get that I was wrong about the whole double date thing, but if you all think I’m in some kind of danger, then I have the right to—”

“Not now,” the stranger interrupted. “We must leave this place.”

He tried to take her arm again. She jerked away, bristling over his rudeness. “I’m not going anywhere without an explanation.”

“You know how stubborn she is, Ty,” Sam told the man. “You should just use your abilities now and be done with it.”

Kyra’s eyes widened. “Sam!” she exclaimed. “Use his what on me? What do you mean, he knows how stubborn I—?”

“I have already tried that,” the man she supposed was named Ty said. “For some reason, it won’t work.”

Opening her mouth to launch another question, Kyra paused when Avana stepped forward and touched her arm. Her friend wore a much more somber expression than Kyra had ever seen from her.

“Kyra, I know you’re confused right now. But you have to trust us. Have I ever lied to you?”

Hesitating, Kyra looked around at the three serious faces gazing back at her. Her eyes settled on Ty’s before she said, “No.”

Avana took her hand, once again drawing her attention. “Then please trust me when I say that you have to come with us right now. Your life and the lives of many others depend upon it.”

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