Friday, March 7, 2014

Excerpt From Into the Fae Book 1 of my new Series Into the Fae!

Into the Fae

By Quinn Loftis
Coming soon...

“It has been said that with great power comes great responsibility and that is true. However, what should have been added to that saying was that with great responsibility must come even greater self-control. For those with great power often seem to lack the power of self-control. Not that I have any such difficulty.” ~Perizada of the Fae

I am nearly three centuries old. I have seen civilizations rise and then crumble like sand beneath the evening tide. I have watched kings be exalted on their thrones, only to be ripped down and trampled upon as the next great name is being written over the fallen. I myself have fought in battles and felt the warm spray of my enemy’s blood upon my face as I cut them down. I have laughed in the face of danger, danced on the edge of death with the warlocks, played chicken with the wolves, riddled with the pixies, and yet, the thing I fear most does not come at the end of a sword. The thing I fear most comes at the will of another. It is not something I can force, it is not something I can change, and it is not something I can control. So, in short, I don’t like it.
At this point you might be asking yourself who I am and why anything I say matters. Well listen up and listen good because I’ll only say this once. Don’t bother to point out to me that you can come back to these pages and read it over again, it will only piss me off, and the last thing anyone needs is a member of the high fae pissed off at them.
I am Perizada, a member of the council of the high fae. I was chosen long ago by the Great Luna, the creator of the werewolves in case you were wondering, to be an ambassador if you will—between the fae and the wolves. You see, the fae are the most powerful of all the supernatural beings. Therefore, the Great Luna saw fit to make us the overseers and law enforcers of the supernatural world. I did as the Great Luna asked and became the go between for the Wolves and the council of high fae.
As time passed, the werewolves’ vulnerabilities as a species, their tendencies toward divisiveness and territorialism, began to weaken the packs. In an effort to aid the wolves, the Great Luna, in her infinite wisdom, presented the packs with a gift—gypsy healers. These are humans with an affinity for healing magic. So it was that a gypsy healer was chosen from the tribes of gypsies and given to each pack. It was then that the Great Luna decided that it would be best if the high fae were assigned a certain number of packs and healers to oversee. I was given the packs in the region of Romania. At one time they were divided into two packs but after the werewolf wars, the two became one and now are under the rule of one great Alpha, Vasile Lupei. That is how I came to be the liaison to the Romanian pack. But that is not really where my story begins, for that we must go back a little further.  Now I will condense this as much as possible to bring you up to speed so that you don’t feel the need stab yourself in the eye out of boredom.
 Before the great werewolf wars, there was a powerful fae, the most powerful in fact. His name was Volcan. His power—and lust for more of it—became an obsession. Unbeknownst to the high council, he began to create witches and wizards with his dark magic and began releasing them into the human population. Once the council found out, we knew he had to be stopped. A desperate battle was fought between Volcan and an alliance of wolves and fae. Volcan’s castle was raided, and at the cost of many lives, he was defeated.
But the battle was not without other consequences. The land surrounding the castle, now known as the dark forest, was left so immersed in dark magic that it posed a danger to all of our realms. The High Council, after much deliberation, decided to seal off the dark forest, forever preventing anyone, mortal or supernatural from entering. Because the dark magic that remained was terrible, however, we decided additional steps were necessary to ensure no one would ever be allowed to harness that power, even ourselves. The Council, combing our magic, weaved a spell that would erase the memories of anyone who was involved in the battle, including our own. To ensure that the memory of the dark forest could be recalled if ever the need arose, the tale of the battle was written in the fae archives. We thought that by taking away the memory of that place we could prevent its evil from being used. We were wrong.
It turns out that when someone wants something bad enough, they will figure out a way to make it happen. Fast forward a few hundred centuries and we will be caught up to speed. Lorrelle, another member of the high fae, my sister and sick in the head I might add, decided she wanted me dead. To accomplish such an insurmountable task, she aligned herself with Reyaz, an evil warlock. In order to help him with his own evil goals, she searched and eventually discovered the history of the dark forest and her memory of that battle was restored.  Reyaz, being the evil butthead that he was, kidnapped some of the female mates of the wolves and warlocks—dick move if you ask me. But then, he didn’t ask me, go figure. He imprisoned them in the dark forest and then sent their mates on a morbid scavenger hunt for them. The crap hit the fan, people died, people were born, yadda-yadda. But we don’t have time to get into all that. What you need to know is that when Reyaz put the females in the dark forest, he unknowingly set free a member of the Romanian pack who had been inadvertently trapped there when the forest was sealed, unknown to all of us and thought dead. Lucien, Vasile’s brother is alive, and has been for all these centuries, trapped in the dark forest by our magic.
Okay so for those of you who don’t like history and are nearly snoozing by now—WAKE UP. This is important, like life altering, weather changing, mountain moving important and it’s also most unwelcome. Thanks to the Great Luna and her bloody love-fest, the wolves are able to find true mates with the fae and you guessed it―yours truly is the true mate to one Lucien Lupei. In the words of the great John McClain, Yippi- ki-ya, Mother--, and I’ll stop there lest someone get their panties in wad. 
So now that you’re up to speed, I suppose we can get this party started. Things are going to be moving fast so if you need to get some beauty rest before you start this journey with me, I suggest you do that right about now. But if you’re ready and you think you got what it takes to keep up with me, then keep reading, (insert creepy voice), my pretties.  We have a psycho bitch fae to catch, a mate to deter, and lives to save. There is no time for dilly dallying or wishy washy pansy ass whining. If you’re in this with me, then you are in it ‘til the end. And the first one of you that cracks a joke about the whole being mated to a werewolf thing will be farting out of their mouth every time they hear the word gas and burping from their butts every time someone laughs for the rest of their stinky, noisy existence. 
As my good friend Jen would say, let’s do this. Okay she would say him, but we’re going to go with this in an effort to keep things rated PG. 


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    1. Show respect and remove your spam! We are here for info on the book not your opportunity to shove nonsense down our throats!!!!

  2. Very well written, excited to know more about this! :)

  3. AAAAH! I am so excited! This is gonna be good! You always take me on a thrilling adventure and I love Peri!

  4. Quinn, I cannot wait for this!!!! This alone had me cracking up ;)

  5. Ahhh! How soon is "soon?" (Comng soon)

  6. Thank you all so much! I wish I had a date for you, but this one is being looked at by an agent to it might not be as soon as we'd like.

    1. Please tell the agent that we'd like her name and address cause if she sits on this we just might hunt her down and make her pay!!! Your work is addictive and I'm on pins and needles waiting for this series and the book on Vasile and Alina............

  7. @David Hussey please do not spam a page of an author That we all dearly love!!! Have some respect!! Now back to what's the most important.....The release date for our much loved and eagerly awaited release of Into the Fae!! I absolutely can not wait!!! So super excited!!! Miss Loftis please keep us all posted as you find out!!! I am sending lots of luck your way. While I want the book to be released asap I also hope you get published!!! Sending LOTS of luck your way while I un - patiently await!!!!!

  8. I loved the series and ive been waiting for this story ever since I finished reading sacrifice of love, I cant wait for this book to come out