Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sneak Peek: INTERRED by Marilyn Almodóvar

Today I'm very excited to mention an upcoming YA release: Interred (Chronicles of the Interred #1) by Marilyn Almodóvar. The cover won't be revealed until 12/12/12 at 12:00 a.m. EST--this is a story about a Time Bender, after all--but I'm happy to provide a sneak peek to, ahem, pique your interest. Here we go:

Isn't that awesome? Just wait until you see the full image. Devan Edwards of Nimbi Design did such an amazing job! Since you can't see the entire cover to get the gist of the story, here's the blurb to tell you more:  

Time has never been an issue for Baxter Jacobs, but then she never knew she had the ability to Bend it. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Baxter inherits a pendant that will change her life.

Connected to the pendant is a dark and mysterious young man named Declan Ashdown. Trapped in a Time loop for the past 122 years, Declan needs Baxter’s help to escape. The only problem is, she has no idea how to do it.

To acquire the power she needs to free him, she’ll become one of the Interred, those whose Magical abilities emerge as they come of age. When she does, she’ll discover that Declan isn’t the only one interested in the fact that she’s a Time Bender. 

As the Interment arrives, Baxter knows this will be no Sweet Sixteen. A vengeful relative and the ruthless Council are determined to control her. Declan’s powerful and charming descendant, Jack Ashdown, claims he can save her. She’ll soon have to decide who she can trust, and how to master her new abilities before Time runs out.

~ - ~

Doesn't it sound terrific? I've had the pleasure of working closely with Lyn on this project, and I know how excited she is that her first book will be published by Iambe Books on 1/22/13.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited for her! It's been like going through that "first book rush" all over again through her eyes, which is a nerve-rattling delight. All of you authors surely know what I mean. I hope you'll join me in congratulating Lyn on this great achievement!

You can add Interred to your Goodreads To-Read list, and you can follow Lyn here:


Please help me welcome Lyn to the role of published author!


  1. Great, here come the water works again LOL Thanks so much for the mention, and all your hard work! It's been ace to work with you on this project, can't wait for you to read Fissure and Alternate :D

  2. Ohh Lord I'm going to have a heart attack. Me and my daughter can't wait.