Saturday, December 15, 2012

Aine P Massie Book Tour!

Geas Publishing is proud to present the House Millar series Scavenger Hunt & Book Tour. Some of my favourite blogs have come together to hunt to all the items on the scavenger hunt list. At the end of the hunt you will have 25 items to enter into the Rafflecopter.

Hello everyone! First, let me say thank you to everyone stopping by. We’re in the middle of my virtual book tour for both Blood’s Voice (House Millar #1) and Blood Bound (House Millar #2). Both books are paranormal romance featuring the strange and eclectic House Millar.

The House Millar is a unique vampire House within the setting of the books. 99% of all vampires are your more traditional blood sucking, think nothing of killing humans, fiends. They have both House structure and a Council that help to guide their existence, keep them hidden from the human world, and attempt to avoid/stop blood wars that could spill over and cause issues both with humans and with other non-humans in their world.

What makes Mistress Anya and her House so unique is that they are a House of aberrations - vampires that do not kill to feed. I can’t say none of them do or will feed on humans but they do not kill or torture humans. Well, and the House is let by a slightly touched child.

Never make the mistake of thinking that the vampires, traditional or aberration, are fluffy or weak. They are all lethal and will destroy any they feel need to ‘go.’ Even the human loving vampires are quite lethal when need be. Anya alone has a higher kill count (of vampires) than most Guardians – natural born vampire hunters / humans – ever manage to make, and in greater numbers at a time than should be possible.

One thing to learn about the fanged ones, especially those that still have a heart, is that when enraged or in pain they often slip into a blood rage and any abilities they have often become unchecked. Needless to say, never piss off an aberration; they are even more deadly than the traditional, kill for food, kind of vamp.

There is one other thing that makes them a touch different in their world; the House Millar is the only vampire House to consider the non-vampiric members to be actual members, not just pets or servants. Of course, the only true servant in the House is a vampire…but he wouldn’t have it any other way, lol.

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How to Play:

This is how it works… all the blogs below will post a bit about one of the books along with a guest post, interview, character interview, spotlight, etc. along with their token on their scheduled date. You are looking for the special image included somewhere within the post that you will need to then enter into the Rafflecopter at the end. Make sure to enter your answer into the right slot on the Rafflecopter ;)

We are giving away a nice set of prizes – including free eBooks from the series; gift cards to Amazon, B&N, or ARe; swag; and more…

So, enjoy, hunt along with the various posts, and have fun. Best wishes to all!

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  3. If the token doesn't show, for what ever reason, please put the name of the blog in the item slot on the rafflecopter.

    Todays said "A mhuirnin (beloved one)" it's what Mistress Anya calls Nicholas, her vampire lover.

  4. I love the eternal life aspect of vampires.

  5. I love that they are hot, very strong, mysterious and have eternal life. Thanks for the giveaway.