Thursday, May 24, 2012

My first novella!

I'm celebrating a new release this week! I'm excited about it because it brings back characters I love and also it's the first novella I've ever written.

Overtime is the continuation of the story from my book Troy High. Ever since Troy High was first published three years ago, I've gotten lots of emails from readers asking what happens after that story ends. Do the couples formed in that book stay together? Is Hunter ever able to play football again? Does Lucas ever get over Elena? Is anyone ever punished for the prank war?

So I decided to write a story that reunites the Trojans and Spartans once more and helps answer these questions. The dedication for the novella says, "To everyone who asked for more stories about Cassie, Greg, Elena, and the others--this one's for you!" And it really is a story I wrote just for my readers. Thank you to everyone who told me how much they enjoyed Troy High and asked for more to the story. I had SO much fun bringing Cassie and Greg and everyone else to life again. I have to say that Lucas was my favorite to write about in this book. He has all the best lines and he's so devious. I think the characters grow up a lot in this story and I enjoyed seeing how the events between the schools have changed them.

Here is the summary of Overtime:

Five months ago, the epic rivalry between the Trojans and Spartans ended in flames. Now the two schools exist in an uneasy ceasefire as a community event threatens to push them over the edge.

Cassie Prince just wants to focus on her new relationship. But is happiness possible in a place where loyalties run deep?

If you enjoyed Troy High, I hope you'll check out Overtime. It's available now in ebook format and is a very low price for a limited time. You can find out more and where to buy it on my website. You can also check out Troy High on my website too if you haven't read it yet and buy it either in print, ebook, or audiobook format.

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