Thursday, December 1, 2011

Character interview with Meg and Shar from Sirenz by Natalie Zaman and Charlotte Bennardo

1. When you met Hades for the first time what was your impression of him?

Admittedly had to take a second look--but the whole freezing people and conjuring fire thing? Yikes. Feelers up. And. Stay. Away.

*Whispers* He's not going to hear this, right? Well, I thought he was He was wearing a tailored suit, he's drop dead gorgeous and that smile... but that was BEFORE I knew him. And his sneaky tricks. And his lecherous intentions...

2. What made the shoes that you fought over so special?

Several google searches later... I really must've sensed something of a kindred spirit in Dame Vivienne Westwood. She's fashion's anti-fashionista. Do you know she actually thinks people should be more DIY and should buy LESS stuff and make it LAST? OMGosh, love her for that. That, and it was a principle thing. I saw them first.

I see you're uninitiated in shoes. The shoe was a Vivienne WESTWOOD. She's world renowned for her sometimes outlandish, but always unique styles. It's one of the few fashions Meg and I agree on. It had a cute gold charm, shiny red patent leather. I mean who WOULDN'T kill, wait, scratch that, for those shoes? They were a one-of-a-kind shoe, at a never-will-you-get-this-lucky-again price. Seriously, we need to do some shopping if you have to ask this question.

3. After seeing how the world of fashion is do you still want to work in it?

You know, I <3 a challenge--and that's how I'm seeing the fashion industry right about now. There are some things that definitely need to change--lets start with more curvy, real models on runways, and designing for all body shapes and sizes. Beauty comes in many forms. There's alot of talk, but we need more action. I'd like to make a difference.

4. Hades made it obvious that he had a thing for Shar so how hard was
it to resist his advances?

I'm gonna guess that Shar had some iffy moments, but it was good to see how strong she was. It was a little scary saying no to him when he tried to enlist me to try to help him out--I mean, what would the consequences of non-cooperation be? Whatever they were, it would be a bajillion times worse to betray your bestie.

5. How did this experience change your relationship for the better?

It's pretty safe to say that Shar and I didn't have much of a relationship prior to our whirl wind week with Hades... sad, because in the end we had so much in common--the right kind of things. Sometimes it takes a challenge to find out we're (and I'm talking most people here) not so different--and that we CAN be friends. So I'm glad this happened (but don't tell them--Hades, Persephone, Demeter, etc.) that!


  1. I just finished Sirenz today! It was a fun book. I think I saw that there was going to be a sequel. I enjoyed the character interview!


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    Ahaha, I love this post. The whole interview with a character thing is really funny!
    I'll have to check this book out.

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